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Through close collaboration with renowned manufacturers and experienced experts, Yachtwerk can offer every customer the perfect dream yacht. The Azimut|Benetti group has chosen Yachtwerk as the official dealer for Germany and Austria.

Alva Yachts, the leading manufacturer of solar electric luxury yachts has assigned Yachtwerk the official dealership for Adriatic region.


Azimut Yachts (Azimut | Benetti Group) is a leading Italian manufacturer of luxury yachts, offering a wide range of yachts known for their breathtaking design, innovative solutions, and state-of-the-art technology. The company aims to awaken lasting emotions in its customers. Azimut is a world leader in yacht production and sets standards in the industry.


Benetti (Azimut | Benetti Group) is also a renowned Italian manufacturer of luxury yachts, known for the quality and durability of its yachts. Benetti’s yachts are carefully designed and constructed, featuring timeless design to withstand changing trends. Benetti is proud to offer its customers yachts of the highest quality and performance that meet their needs and expectations.

Alva Yachts

Alva Yachts represents electric luxury yachts that combine unparalleled design and state-of-the-art technology. Alva Yachts aims to lead yachting into a new era with a range of innovative, electrified solar catamarans that are developed and constructed without compromise.


Tyde is a German luxury yacht manufacturer aiming to disrupt the luxury leisure world, a radical change for good. With innovative, ground-breaking technology, they are developing elevated yacht experiences — a symbiosis of style and sustainability.




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We have been working in a close and fair, respectful relationship with our partners for years,
always focusing on the highest quality.

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